Furniture designed by an artist

Allan has received worldwide acclaim for his beautifully different designs over the past decade. Inspired by nature, his timeless creations draw on the intrinsic beauty of each piece of timber to create collectible works of art. But the real fascination of Allan Lake's individually sculpted furniture is the fusion of art and practicality, which makes his work simply breath-taking.

Investment furniture

Purchasing Allan Lake Furniture is about furnishing your home with practical works of art. And, as each piece of wood is unique, no two pieces of furniture are the same.

As Allan explains: 'New designs emerge from an on-going dialogue between the chosen materials and my imagination. I work with the inherent beauty and powerful energy of native hardwoods to create functional art that's desirable and enduring.

Allan has enjoyed a great deal of praise from experts in consumer and industry print publications, and online. He's exhibited at numerous events including London's Royal Society of Art. Following the top interior design show, Decorex London, the unanimous verdict was summed up by one industry commentator:

"Allan Lake's Rainbow Desk sent ripples of admiration throughout the show, with attendees and fellow exhibitors running their eyes and hands over the sensuous contours of this magnificent example of heritage furniture."

Sustainable furniture design

In his workshop, a former Victorian spinning mill in the heart of Yorkshire, Allan uses traditional British hardwoods sourced only from sustainable woodlands. His artistic furniture includes limited editions and unique, one-off collectibles. Allan also accepts selective commissioned work.

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