Ripple walnut, ripple Sycamore, burr elm, yew, purple textured stained glass, mirror and fixing chain.
Size - mm
L 1340 X W 440 X D 30 L1750 X D 800 X W 200
Eye Mirror And Mantle Piece
The creation of a matching Mantle Piece, has taken the Eye Mirror out of the Starburst Bedroom and into your living area. Eye Mirror is laminated in an eye-catching starburst of hardwoods, which perfectly complements the matching bedroom furniture. The mirror's back and frame are made from premium sycamore, and reflect the quality workmanship involved. Adding to the appeal and curiosity of this detailed mirror are inlays of textured stained glass. To complement the Eye Mirror, the mantle top is carved from premium sycamore, while sculpted laminate columns reflect the Starburst colours in this beautiful collection.
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